Hi, My name is Ruth. I am very interested in learning tailoring and when I inquired about this, it was very expensive elsewhere and was not possible for us to get this done since it was difficult for my parents to even send us to school how will it be possible for me to get this additional training particularly when I have four siblings. I found out from my friend about Atmaneyam providing tailoring classes.I told my friend that I cannot even buy material for this type of learning and when we spoke to Atmaneyam the teachers told me that they will provide the materials too that I do not have to worry about the cost. Even though I was a novice not even knowing peddling, they taught me everything about taileoring and I am now able to stitch blouses, churidhars, and others. They also teach us embroidary and to weave wire baskets. Now I am making these for others which is also helping me.I wholeheartedly thank Atmaneyam. You can also come and join and make use of this opportunity. Thanks.

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