My name is Karthik. I had excessive coughing, I went to GH (Government Hospital) and they told me that it was TB. They treated me for 10 days, gave medication and asked me to continue treatment in Amabttur itself. I went to the hospital there where they gave me medication. They told me that I need to eat nutritiously and asked me to go to this place where they were providing nutritional supplements. I ended up coming here and for four months they gave me all the required nutritional food. They asked me about my family and I told them that I have three daughters who are married and that I was in some distress due to the three weddings and hence they also helped my daughters. Now I have gotten much better and they gave me all the necessary help to regain my health.

Atmaneyam has helped me regain my health and I am doing very well now, not feeling any pain any more.


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